April 2012

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Some shemales try really hard to look feminine by growing their hair long, getting big tits, and wearing women’s clothes, but sometimes you can still see the man in them. This limp dick Asian ladyboy is strutting her stuff in black lingerie and fishnet stockings, but best of all she has her penis flopped out from behind her panties.

She didn’t bother to shave her genitals but instead left them nice and hairy, which will no doubt turn on many of you. Picture reaching down between this Thai girls legs, grabbing her long floppy cock and stroking it until it got hard. Of course you could jam your throbbing dick into her mouth and watch as she licks and sucks on you.

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Looking at this Asian tranny you would never believe she had a dick swinging between her soft thighs. However, this large tit she male is packing a nice cock and balls, but an even better tight asshole. She is getting the fucking of her life as she lies on the bed.

Her hand strokes this dude’s penis before having him slide it rock hard into her puckered butt hole. Imagine having your way with this freaky and very sexy shemale and hearing her moan as you drive your dick deeper and deeper inside of her.

Her goal was to find a well-endowed man and then take his dick in between her ass cheeks, and she succeeded. She then gets on her hands and knees and feels him penetrating her from behind and slapping her sweet white ass.

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